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PD Design has helped many of their clients. Here are a few of our projects and what we did for the client.

Video clips are a good way to do internet marketing. Search engines like the multimedia and so do people.

PD Design was part of the marketing efforts for Jack Canfiled. We did all of the video and article posting for the Manifest My Goal product.
Here are a few other examples of our video work:

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Adding E-Commerce or just starting an E-Commerce site is a good way to reach many people without having a brick and mortar store. You can have your own products for sale or be a reseller.

Packedwarehouse.com is an online only store selling office organizing products. Our service provided a way to smoothly migrate their site to a new platform and seamlessly integrated additional functionality to make the site more user friendly for their clients. We added more robust analytics and SEO optimizers, as well as BI components.

East Tech Office is a brick and mortar copier fax and printer repair and reseller. We have expanded their business to the web by offering their highly competitive remanufactured products.

Sell your Ebook and setup an Affiliate program to help increase sales

A HOT new dice game

Other E-Commerce stores

You do not need to have your own product sell others and get commission. http://energyrealitytheory.com/

Big wedding store has over 1500 products feeds  and new feeds from major weddings site. We took the data feeds and made our custom sites around it so this store looks like no other.  Also we used our own images of weddings from our friends and family. Giving the site an unique look.  

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Show Off Your Work
Sometimes images are the best way to show off your products or services. Here are a few sites where we focus on the images.

This site was made for easy updating by the client. We created the site so they can easily just upload new images or easily reorder the current images.

Laura photo is a site for her to show off her photography work.  When our work is images it is important to protect them this site was designed with that in mind. We also include API providing dynamic content such as blog, calendar and photo ordering on the site.

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Content Management Systems
Some clients want a site with variety; one that can be updated without any programming knowledge. For this we implement a content management system.  All of our ecommence solutions have a content management system built in for easily adding products.  Here are a few examples of content management sites:

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Email Capture
Capturing email for marketing purposes is essential. People will not just give away their email address so we set up an example where you would give them a free gift, a consultation, a white paper,  article, coupon, or a mailing list. Now that you have the emails captured you can target market to them. We also show you how to do joint ventures where you can add value to your current client list and use that as a new revue stream.


Community and Social Sites
Here is an example of how we took a local snow plow business and expanded it to create a social network for snow removal providers. We also added a service directory and a classifieds section to connect customers with snow removal services and to connect sellers and buyers of snow plows and replacement parts.

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Business Card Extension
Sometimes your website is just an extension of your business card, providing a few facts and some business or contact information. People will Google you before they use your services so it is key that your website can be found and that it provides quality information to visitors. 

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Business Growth

We developed this site for an EFT Practitioner. He currently has an office but was looking to help more people.  So we developed this site to offer EFT over the phone. EFT phone sessions, are very powerful as part of the services then they proved a MP3  recording of the session to practice and use over and over.
Work in Progress

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Work in Progress
Here are some of our designes that were are working on.

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